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Genrich Altshuller

TRIZ (pronounced TREES) is the Russian acronym for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (sometimes called Systemmatic Innovation). This algorithmic approach to solving technical problems, onw expanded to the field of business, began in 1946 when the Russian engineer and scientist Genrikh Altshuller studied thousands of patents and noticed certain patterns of invention. From these patterns he discovered that the evolution (future state) of a technical system is not a random process, but is governed by objective laws. These laws can, he claimed, be used to consciously develop a system along its path of technical evolution - by determining and implementing innovations.

Southbeach and TRIZ

OVer the years, TRIZ practitioners have developed conventions for the visual modelling of technical problems in products, services, business and society. Not all of these notations are consistent, even if they are individually valid.

Southbeach was developed to embrace, unify and extend (for modern practice) the different styles of TRIZ diagram in common use. This allowed the development a general purpose modelling tool and creativity engine.


A rare series of short videos of Altshuller teaching TRIZ to his students:

Genrich Altshuller teaching TRIZ 1 of 6

Genrich Altshuller teaching TRIZ 2 of 6

Genrich Altshuller teaching TRIZ 3 of 6

Genrich Altshuller teaching TRIZ 4 of 6

Genrich Altshuller teaching TRIZ 5 of 6

Genrich Altshuller teaching TRIZ 6 of 6


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