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Can I install on a second computer?

Yes. See discount options above. Select from drop down.

If a larger number of licenses are required, i.e. for a team or an organization, please write to us at for a quotation.

What happens after I send payment?

Upon receiving payment, we'll email you clear instructions to activate your software. We always aim to respond swiftly.

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How do I install new releases of the software?

Download the latest update from our website. Install the software as you did originally. Your existing license will be valid for all 'digit' upgrades. A new license may be required for the occasional major 'integer' upgrades.

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Do you provide discounts for academics and students?

Yes. We are enthusiastic about supporting academic programs. Please send a brief outline of your needs to using a recognized academic email address (e.g. edu,

Do you support the needs of training companies?

Certainly. Training companies often have specific needs, and we're committed to accommodating them. We will customise our pricing to suit your requirements. Please send a brief outline of your training program to


"Southbeach is a superb notation for organizing your thoughts. There is nothing else like it. An hour's Southbeach problem analysis reduces time to task completion by days." Strategy Lead

"A practical tool that guides where effort should be focussed as problem-solving proceeds." Mind Mapping.Org

"I really like your software. It is an easy to use tool for visualizing and applying all kinds of thinking methods. It has the potential to become my standard modelling software." Founder, Creative Consultancy

"Southbeach has an important plus - the models are readily understood by non-technical personnel" Business Change Manager

"I use it every day." Managing Consultant, IT Services

"I use Southbeach Notation in workshops - an excellent tool to eliminate statement generalization!" Visual Thinking Specialist for Evidence Construction

"A very neat tool for almost anything! I keep it open in the background all the time" Business Improvement Manager

"The creativity manual is well written. The rules language is wonderfully simple yet powerful. It will be interesting to see what people do with this." Lead IT Strategy & Transformation

"Remarkable. I learnt more from my models in ten minutes than weeks of previous looking." Innovation Consultant

"I am very enamored with Southbeach. I use it in group situations. A telling indication (for me) is that most if not all of my "project" folders now contain a Southbeach sub-folder!" Business Analyst, ITIL and 6 Sigma Black Belt

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