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What if I don't have a Paypal account?

You don't need one. Press the 'Buy Now' button and you will be given the option of using a credit card. There is no need to log onto Paypal.

Are there discount reductions for my team?

Yes. See the discount options above. Select from the drop down list.

If you require a larger number of licenses, please write to us at for a quotation.

What happens after I send payment?

On receipt of your payment we send you an email containing clear instructions on how to immediately unlock (activate) the software.

If you have not heard from us within one working day, please write to

How do I hear about new releases and upgrades?

From time to time we announce a new release in our newsletter. Please ensure that your software is registered with an up to date email address. Updates within a major version are free to all licensed users.

Registration occurs on installation. You can re-register at any time from the menu License - Register Software.

To determine whether you are running the latest version, use menu Help - Check for New Releases.

How do I install new releases of the software?

At any time, simply download the latest release from our web site. Run the new installer as normal. Your existing license is valid and will be respected. If a problem occurs, please write to

Can I transfer my licenses from one computer to another?

Yes. We understand that you may need to transfer a license from one computer to another, for example, you have bought a new computer, or are changing work habits requiring you to migrate to another computer. The licenses you purchase can be moved. You can do this yourself. Instructions are provided with your purchase.

Do you support the needs of training companies?

Yes. We have found that the needs of tranining companies vary hugely. We will tailor our licensing to your needs. Write to with a summary of your requirements.

Do you provide discounts for academics and students?

Depending on the situation, yes. We are keen to support academic programs. Write to with a brief summary of your needs. Please write to us using a valid academic (.edu, .ac) email address.


"I really like your software. It is an easy to use visual tool for working with all kinds of thinking methods." -- Creativity Consultant

"Southbeach has an important plus - the models are readily understood by non-technical employees" -- Business Manager

"Southbeach is a superb notation for organizing your thoughts. An hour's Southbeach reduces task completion by days." -- Strategy Leader

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