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Southbeach Notation was conceived by distilling common features across various business and engineering diagrams, particularly those focused on innovation and problem-solving.

It empowers users to craft broad conceptual, functional, or process maps without becoming mired in minutiae. And go straight on to generate ideas.

Although Southbeach Modeller may not mirror the aesthetic of mainstream diagrams, its designs introduce a refreshing visual angle. Rather than emulating established styles, it provides a unified notation and a creative engine that resonates with the essence of conventional diagrams.

For example, where a force-field diagram distinguishes 'driving' from 'restraining' forces, Southbeach contrasts increasing with decreasing effects. This offers a nuanced view of the advantages and disadvantages, objectives, risks, and decisions.

While many analytical tools like SWOT or 9Boxes employ segmented layouts, the precise significance of each segment often hinges on individual interpretation. Basic graphic utilities may overlook nuances, such as whether a 'strength' is truly favorable or a 'weakness' is inherently negative.

Enterprise Architecture tools might portray an architecture with exacting detail for execution but could miss capturing its dual nature—how certain facets can be both assets and liabilities, impacting the overall efficiency of the architecture.

Likewise, while an organizational chart clearly outlines hierarchies and roles, it may fall short in illustrating how these components collaborate or clash, shaping the company's overall success.

Is Southbeach right for you?

If you're seeking a drawing tool that precisely replicates detailed, traditional diagrams, Southbeach may not meet your expectations. However, for those looking for a multifaceted tool that seamlessly integrates diverse creative and problem-solving techniques across a range of visual analytic approaches, Southbeach is the perfect match.



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