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Southbeach Modeller is popular with TRIZ experts because it supports the notations they need, providing all the fundamental ideas such as technical and physical contradictions, separations, resources, etc. The software also contains a user-programmable 'ideas' engine which can be used to emulate many TRIZ methods. However, just as a Word Processor does not make you a best-selling author, no software tool can make you a TRIZ expert.

Of course, Southbeach Modeller is not just for TRIZ! Many of our customers use our software with other creative or problem solving methods, e.g. root cause, SWOT, goal planning, concept mapping.

Recommended books

Books TRIZIf you want to use Southbeach for TRIZ or you want to learn more about TRIZ itself, the books below are a great place to start. TRIZ is a lifelong learning. Also see our page about Genrich Altshuller including rare videos.


40 Principles, TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation, Genrich Altshuller with commentary by Dana W. Clarke

Introductory text

And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared, TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, Genrich Altshuller

Translation from the Russian, Fasincating insight into the roots of modern TRIZ

Creativity as an Exact Science, the Theory of the Solution of Inventive Problems, Genrich Altshuller

Translation from the Russian, Fasincating insight into the roots of modern TRIZ

Engineering of Creativity, Introduction to TRIZ Methodology of Inventive Problem Solving, Semyon D. Savransky

Intermediate to Advanced

Hands On Systematic Innovation, Darrell Mann, book may also be available via Systematic Innovation

Intermediate to Advanced, Comprehensive, Engineering orientation

Hands On Systematic Innovation for Business & Management, Darrell Mann, book may also be available via Systematic Innovation

Intermediate and Advanced, Comprehensive, Business & Management orientation

The Ideal Result: What It Is and How to Achieve It, Jack Hipple

Introductory to Intermediate, some business coverage, Training oriented

The Innovation Algorithm, TRIZ, systematic innovation and technical creativity, Genrich Alshuller

Translation from the Russian, Fascinating insight into the roots of modern TRIZ

Innovation On Demand, New Product Development using TRIZ, Victor Fey and Eugene Rivin

Intermediate to Advanced

Insourcing Innovation, How to transform business as usual into business as exceptional, D. Silverteain, N. DeCarlo, M. Slocum

A business message about TRIZ plus summary of techniques

Inventive Thinking through TRIZ, A Practical Guide, Michael A. Orloff

Intermediate to Advanced

Matrix 2003, Updating the TRIZ Contradiction Matrix, Darrell Mann, Simon Dewulf, Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman, book may also be available via Creax

Reference guide, Expanded contradiction matrix

Simplified TRIZ, New Problem-Solving Applications for Engineers and Manufacturing Professionals, Kalevi Rantanen and Ellen Domb

Comprehensive, Intermediate to Advanced, Engineering orientation

Systematic Innovation, An Introduction To TRIZ, John Terninko, Alla Zusman, Boris Zlotin

Introductory to Intermediate

TRIZ for Engineers, Enabling Creative Problem Solving, Karen Gadd, book will also be available via Oxford Creativity

Introductory, Training oriented

Also see:

Handbooks, tutorials and publications of Ideation International, Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman, including An Introduction to TRIZ, Tools of Classical TRIZ, Solving Problems with TRIZ, Directed Evolution, New Tools for Failure and Risk Analysis, and TRIZ: Through the Eyes of an American Specialist

Intermediate to Advanced

Proceedings of the trizcon Annual Conference, published by The Alshuller Institute for TRIZ studies

Academic development within the field

The TRIZ Journal, curated by Ellen Domb

Extensive library, wide variety of articles submitted by TRIZ practitioners and theorists

Historical List of TRIZ books, prepared by OTSM-TRIZ Center

Russian sources including Altshuller's original texts


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