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About us

Founded in 2009, Southbeach Solutions Ltd is an independent software vendor (ISV).

Based in the United Kingdom, we provide Southbeach Modeller, a visual and analytical tool for creativity, design and innovation.

Our software is a reference implementation of Southbeach Notation.

A user-driven company, we meet every deadline and put you, the customer, as our number one priority.

Why the name?

The early ideas for Southbeach Notation were drawn in the sand on South Beach, Miami, Florida, June 2005. The name was memorable and seemed to stick.



To provide a notation for problem solving and innovation, supported by visual modelling software and a creativity (rules) engine, configurable by users to support existing or novel working methods.

How we got started

How we got started

Southbeach is inspired by TRIZ, the Russion Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.

Southbeach Notation unifies diagrammatic conventions for ideation and problem solving from management consulting, engineering and business process disciplines.

What next?

What's Next?

We are currently finalising the development of Southbeach v4, the next major release of our unique visual modeling and ideation software. BETA v4 will be released in Q1. The final product will be released in Q2. Any questions please write to

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