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About us

Founded in 2009, Southbeach Solutions Ltd is an independent micro ISV. Based in the UK, we provide Southbeach Modeller, a visual and analytical tool for creativity, design and ideation.

A user-driven company, we meet every deadline. Our customers are our #1 priority.


What the name?

The early ideas for Southbeach Notation were drawn in the sand on South Beach, Miami, Florida, June 2005. The name was memorable and seemed to stick.



To offer a visual notation for innovation and problem-solving, backed by professional modeling software incorporating an integrated rules (ideation) engine, configurable for both established and emerging practices.

How we started

How we got started

Southbeach was inspired by TRIZ, the Russian theory of Inventive Problem Solving. We created Southbeach Notation to unifiy diagram conventions from TRIZ, business consulting, business process and engineering, to facilitate systematic problem-solving and idea generation.

A Short History of Southbeach Notation

What next?

What's Next?

We prioritize your feedback in our development. Share your ideas and needs with us. To stay updated, register your copy. Use the Feedback icon in the app or email us at

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