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Southbeach Modeller is a professional .NET application designed for Windows 11 and 10, embodying the Southbeach Notation. Models are stored in .sbm format, utilizing XML.

The software is optimized for touch screens, inclusive of interactive whiteboards. Upcoming versions will enhance touch gesture support for Windows tablets.

For Apple macOS users, the software operates seamlessly with Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMWare Fusion.

.sbm files

Each .sbm file (Southbeach model) can house multiple sub-models, creativity rules, and report templates. When opened in Southbeach Modeller, each are organized in distinct tabs. Every sub-model, as well as individual objects, can store textual notes and links to pertinent information, including URLs.

During operation, pairing a model tab with either a creativity or notes tab forms an association. Every unique combination's generated output (ideas, reports) is preserved in the file. For instance, a file with three model tabs, two creativity tabs, and four reports will produce eighteen distinct output panels. Generated ideas remain intact, never being overwritten. This flexibility allows users to effortlessly switch between editing and viewing the interconnected results.


The software features a model explorer for .sbm files. It comprehends the .sbm XML structure, allowing users to delve into the model to inspect its sub-models and individual elements. You can effortlessly reuse these sub-models or elements by dragging them onto the canvas and integrating them into the current model, all without having to open the source file of the reusable content.

Graphics and Creativity engine

The software is built upon an advanced, adaptable graphics engine from a reputable third-party provider, delivering top-tier auto layout functionalities (Freeform, Tree and Graph). Furthermore, it incorporates an integrated creativity engine, which operates analogously to rules engines or macro processors. This engine integrates with the graphics through the attributes of Southbeach Notational elements, enabling efficient correlation of visual and semantic patterns in Southbeach Notation with an extensive array of creativity rules. These rule sets encompass numerous creativity and problem-solving methodologies.

Moreover, this creativity engine adeptly matches rules with user-specified tags within the model content, paving the way for users to expand its application beyond the confines of Southbeach Notation.

A typical creativity rule comprises a visual pattern paired with an output string embedded with macros, which are extrapolated in real-time. When users interact with model elements, the engine looks for relevant rules matching the visual pattern and user tags in the vicinity of the selected item. The search radius, defined as 'extent' or 'hops', is customizable, allowing users to specify the number of generated ideas stemming from their interactions.

Upon identifying a match, the pertinent 'creativity' or ideas are expanded, transforming abstract sentences into tangible concepts with dynamic content.

Rules library

The software offers dual methods for rule entry.

Initially, rules can be inputted via .txt files loaded during startup. These rules can be categorized, labeled, and structured hierarchically. Users can conveniently view these labels in a side panel, enabling them to activate or deactivate specific methods with simple clicks, ensuring a tailored modeling experience.

Furthermore, users can directly input rules into a modifiable 'creativity' panel within the model. This feature ensures that when sharing an .sbm model with peers, they can leverage your creative insights, without access to your private rules library. Any content generated during modeling is also seamlessly included, available for your colleague's perusal.

Significantly, the creativity engine is designed to curate content, eliminating repetitive outputs and ensuring the generation of only distinct sentences.

Report generator

The software boasts an integrated reporting engine, built upon the creativity engine, facilitating the effortless creation of consulting reports from any model.

The reporting engine's primary function is to scan through written reports, identifying embedded creativity rules. Upon detection, it enhances the report by integrating ideas, creativity, and analyses straight from the model. Should there be any modifications to the model, a simple keystroke refreshes the generated output.

Many consultants are innovating by crafting reports and rules, applying them to project-specific models with diverse clientele. This method of leveraging previous work enhances the previously discussed 'drill down and merge' feature.

The rules engine can churn out hundreds of ideas in mere moments, showcasing a performance capability that surpasses practical needs.

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