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Southbeach is a rich visual-thinking palette, able to express complex, multi-faceted situations, problems, opportunities and ideas. Unlike freeform diagams or mind maps, each model is consistent in approach and meaning.

Capture agreement as well as disagreement. Foster communication among team members. Marketing and engineering can finally speak the same language.

Southbeach Notation is based on the simple idea of useful and harmful functions, and increasing and decreasing influences.

Southbeach is simple enough to be drawn by hand, yet rich enough to support the most demanding projects.

Notation Guides and Specification

Why a new notation?

Innovation needs its own notation:

Southbeach can describe innovation in any of these, and more.

What about TRIZ?

Southbeach Modeller is popular with some TRIZ practitioners. Prior to Southbeach Notation, there was no commonly agreed diagrammatic style for TRIZ and TRIZ-like methods, so we created one. It has proven to be acceptable to the majority of users, although further improvements are still in the pipeline.

If you are a TRIZ expert, and Southbeach Modeller does not meet your full needs, please write to We are open to ideas and suggestions for the next release.

Learn more about TRIZ here


Communicate complex problems and solutions. Better understand each other. Better understand customers. Internal or external collaboration.

Drive change

Southbeach diagrams map from current state 'as is' to future state 'to be' in:


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