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As a licensed user you receive unlimited email support. We also provide details of the most active community for self-help.

If your enquiry is not directly related to the software and concerns a business, engineering or TRIZ methodology, we will atttempt to broker a connection to a recognized expert.

Training courses are not offered as standard but can be requested. Training would be offered for negotiated fees, mutually convenient dates, and at a client's own premises.

The content and duration of training is tailored to the needs of the client organization, number of participants and intended applications.

Sample models are provided with the software installer. The software also provides access to an online archive of example models.

Training development

Since Southbeach is used in so many different fields, ranging from business, engineering to scientific problem solving, Southbeach Solutions - a software company - cannot address all training needs. We therefore encourage innovation consulting firms and industry associations to develop Southbeach Training Courses for the areas in which they specialise.

We may be help you to get started. Write to

There is a business opportunity for talented independent consultants to provide training. We encourage and support that opportunity.

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