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"This is making me think – It’s unique, I have never seen anything like it before"

"This crystallizes and documents the interplay of causes and effects leading to solution directions"

"A powerful way of bringing complex situations down to a sensible set of alternative ways of looking for a solution"

"Reduces complexity to a series of manageable solution concepts"

"Smashes log jam decisions"

"An excellent tool to eliminate statement generalization!"

"A logical way to take all their different views into account"

"Brings analytical techniques to the early stages of a large situation"

"The greatest benefit in Southbeach is where failure to make the right decision, or solution, is critical"

"This can be used in a quick and dirty way, as well as a comprehensive way"

"A very powerful tool for drilling out high number of options from a problem situation"

"Because the method is exhaustive there may be concepts generated which are significant but not yet considered"

"Because the problem is abstracted, the solution directions generated are unconstrained by factors such as politics which may be implicit to the domain but not made explicit in the analysis -- as well as artificial constraints such as organizational structure and governance model"

"This is naturally adaptable to an iterative approach"

"The comprehensive output contrasts starkly with results from other work ongoing using ad-hoc consulting approaches"

"An immediately usable simple tool"

"Even if one has come to a solution intuitively, Southbeach would allow one to reason or backfill, or discover there is no reason to proceed"

"Approaches to find solutions that rely only on intuition, will inevitably produce solution directions of higher risk"

"Southbeach gives huge advantages in terms of structuring the thought processes - the fact that it prompts you avoids the black sheet of paper problem"

"This would help us capture the ‘why’ aspects of solution design in addition to the what/how"

"Southbeach has wide applications - from organizational change to software development"

"The diagrams allow us to very powerfully illustrate the nature of the problem"

"Anyone that is good at analysis would be able to understand a problem much more quickly by looking at a Southbeach model than a traditional 50 page analysis document"

"This approach could be used as a powerful planning, management and communication tool"

"The concepts of production and counteraction make you consider both sides of the argument"

"The simple diagram notation gives clarity to the problem before you start solving it"

"This allows you to keep and continue to develop the surviving solutions"

"I found Southbeach both revelatory and encouraging"

"Southbeach is a methodological approach for challenging assumptions, opening paths for solution development"

"This looks particularly relevant for complex problems"

"For people that are not particularly imaginative it could help them – It certainly generated impressive output for the time we spent with it"

"By pinpointing critical elements as the cornerstones of a problem, and then applying Southbeach, I think this will be very useful to a strategy team"

"I could use this to model the evolution to the next generation of our solutions"

"Scenario planning is time consuming and difficult to engage people in - This is a lot faster to get to outcomes - but it could also be used to document and maintain a scenario"

"It can amplify the creativity of our staff, and is a tool with high immediate leverage"

"The ease of use is striking, compared to other methods - You get preliminary directions out fast"

"The tool is wonderful for tiling the landscape with ideas"

"It appears to be unique in its ability to generate the right questions"

"It is complementary to other methods and tools we use in management consulting, for example, causality, compatibility, conditional relations, comparison etc."

"Southbeach will help build a business case for any change initiative among colleagues and management"

"This could be perfectly easily coupled to other methods in use in the business, for example Systems Thinking"

"This tool does what I do when I stand in front of a white board consulting -- Of course, it does it far more quickly, and more comprehensively"

"This brought home to me the speed of the approach - I had partly understood the concept before, but I am surprised at the cogency of the automated output"

"It helps a non-lateral thinker think laterally"

"The act of defining the problem in Southbeach causes solution options to occur to you, which you can then document on the fly"

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